Brun, alm. stagelys, 42 cm, Ester og Erik, 12 stk.
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Brun, alm. stagelys, 42 cm, Ester og Erik, 12 stk.

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Ester and Erik make handmade Danish candles that are allergy-friendly and in top quality. These are in beautiful brown – a little cinnamon-like in color. Their candles are festive for Christmas, Easter, a dinner or because we just want to do something good for ourselves because they make us so happy. They attract attention in a different way and with Ester and Erik’s candlesticks, you can use them in any context and create a mood in no time. They have an extra long burning time of 11 hours – isn’t that great ?! So there is really good economy in the lights, even though they cost more than the regular white lights. And then we just feel like playing and trying … we just love it.


Color: Brown – note that the color may differ slightly from the photo
Height: 42 cm
Diameter: 2.6 cm
Burn time: 11 hours
Material: The candle is made of wax of 100 percent. pure fragrance-free paraffin from Europe’s leading manufacturer. It is produced in Denmark, and the wick is made of 100 percent. cotton

The light is self-extinguishing, so the flame goes out when there are 2-3 cm left.
The bottom is shaped so that it not only fits in Ester and Erik’s beautiful candlesticks, but in the vast majority of candlesticks.

Ester & Erik have some good functional advice to get the most out of your lights:

Keep the wick short

Have a distance of 10 cm between the lights (oops … we do not comply with that distance ourselves, but it works fine anyway)

Turn off the light with a light extinguisher to avoid us and ensure that the light goes out completely so that the wick does not stand and glow (oops … we do not get to use a light extinguisher – but it sounds smart)

If it is light with lacquer, gold, silver or champagne, then it is important – after extinguishing – that you remove the top lacquer membrane in the bowl around the wicks, so that the light can be turned on again without problems (it is therefore easier than it might be sounds)

Avoid putting the lights in a row

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