Adiso is combining the power of plants, design and technology - to empower people to create thriving green spaces

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PROBLEM: Humans are downgrading

Our mental health is at risk. Our attention spam, memory, loneliness, depression… We all know someone – a sibling, child, friend – who has stress, depression, ADHD, ADD or another letter combination. WHO believes it’s going to be the no. 1. problem in the world by 2030. It’s time to make a change.

OUR WHY: We believe people are the worlds most important asset, yet we keep undermining them daily. We’re all about unlocking people’s hidden resources.

PROBLEM: +14o studies and over 290M people prove nature strengthens us - but almost nobody knows how to create an outdoor space

Nature has a direct positive impact on our mental and physical health. We can think of nature like mindfullness. It’s for everybody. Except… the information on how to bring nature close to us in a manner that has an effect – is just sitting there at universities.

At the same time the Home & Garden market is a 200B USD industry – where people’s main problem is to how to even begin to create a green space.

SOLUTION: Combine the power of plants, design and technology to enable to people create thriving green spaces

OUR HOW: We empower people to create green spaces that strengthens mental wellbeing. We design, inspire and interact to curate a range of services and products personalized to their needs. All based on our expert health design method #naturing.

It all began

With the CEO and Founder Ida – building a house and a garden – promising herself to lead a different life. She discovered the whole garden world was full of technical jargon and complicated solutions.

It was after building a company into 10 countries

It was all after creating a children’s universe – taking crime fiction and digitalizing it to 8-12 year olds. One in four played the giant online game, apps and dwelled into the universe that ended in ten countries.

It started just a hobby - then people started asking for help for their spaces

And this became a long journey into really understanding what a garden an balcony owner can feel lost about – when trying to create a meaningful green space

Adiso was born as a consultancy in garden-design

We developed a system – today called #naturing – bringing the healing abilities of nature – right close to home. We were still not connecting it to our enormous digital abilities – but simply figuring out why we had something -that people seemed to love.

90.000 people at events then met us​

Over 90.000 people then visited Adiso showcasing our designs – over different events. We tested everything about our concept. This was including 15 minute sit downs going through our #naturing design method. It was a huge success showing us we had a crystal clear potential – now we had to figure out how that could become a business – and scalable.

You are looking at CPH Garden X3 , World Pride and Fluid and Mit Hjem er Mit Slot


We could easily create a consultancy business – and also an online consultancy – and have hundreds through our system. But we were looking for something much more scalable.

Once we saw the potential we bought Adiso Head Quarters and designed #naturing

With 35.000m2 of nature – we wanted to showcase how health design can benefit your mental health. 

35.000 m² showcase of #naturing design

And then COVID came. We realized we could use our 35.000m2 of showcasing as an online inspiration uiverse – and combine the inspiration with plant sales – an e-commerce platform – and digital paid products.

We've decorated outside and inside

We became very aware that indoors inspiration was equally important so we renovated outside and indside.

Indoor plants benefit almost as much as outdoor plants

We knew from the beginning we wanted to reach as many people as humanly possible – in the entire western world. – in 484M Households – indoors and outdoors

Adiso today is 100% digital going to market with products, online story universe and technology

We are several people who have worked for LEGO – and we feel very inspired by their thinking. LEGO is the worlds best at inspiring kids to play – but actually just sell bricks. Adiso will be the world’s best at inspiring people to creaet thriving green spaces – and actually just sell plants and products. It took time to figure out how to ship plants in a scalable manner – but we have solved that now. We have a succesfull soft launch collaboration with Europe’s biggest shipping partner PostNL and can now deliver plants from over 100 Growers primarily in Holland –  directly to consumer – in Europe – shipped within 24-48 hours. No inventory needed.

Our story universe for inspiration

We create videos, lead people through stories starting from a post or and ad on social media, to becoming a mail subscriber – to leading them landing pages with blogs, live shopping experiences where they can ask questions and interact – to all kinds of small and big videos – and digital courses in how to design a great space with out #naturing method.

We'll be launching our Happytat Creator tech in 2023 - after our next funding

We really understand how difficult a user finds it to choose designand find plants. So the technology we are building is a personalized recommendation system. technology. Nickname is – Tinder for plants.  But that’s just because we love swiping. Instead of people you can swipe plants – with the goal of creating a happy space. hence the name: Happytat Creator.

WHAT: We’re an interactive and personalized recommendation experience. We make it easy for people to design, choose and buy combinations of top quality plants and products for their green spaces that matches their individual need for

Seen in the press

We just received a nomination as best new business at Scandinavia Business Awards 2023.

Would you like the real businessproposal? Adiso is opening a private closed round on the syndication platform Funderbeam which is a difficult platform to get onto because they compliance check everything. We open for invited only investors - join the waitlist. Once it opens it will be on a first come first serve basis. It's not about being rich. To invest in Adiso you can invest as low as 1000 EUR per ticket and all the way up to 130K or more. If you are interested take the match test to get on the waitlist.

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Be inspired and play with design af and green strengthening spaces and plants. Take a look at our Facebook Live TV (sorry it’s in Danish – we will be rolling out in English in 2023)


Adiso’s metode is about making it easy to get the strenghtening principles of Health Design into your green space. We simply focus on your mental wellbeing.


We are very much plantnerds. Vi talk to our carefully chosen growers about special and strong plants to make sure our deliveries are so good they give you a sense of success – and make it easy


We deliver straight to your front door step – and we love to help you clients – so you can become happy