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We've spent more than a decade identifying award-winning, powerful perennials that we've dubbed superfoods - like superfoods. Because they bloom or are interesting longer than most. They're beautiful whether or not they bloom. They last well, are strong and easy to maintain and come back year after year. That's the point of #naturingByAdiso - to bring nature's healing properties close. Super perennials have an extra strong root system, to sequester CO2 to the soil, they increase biodiversity e.g. strengthens bees right through to human health. Perennials are phenomenal all around.

When we design we actually have a very small range we combine, with the super perennials here busting all the myths about what it takes to keep flower beds. The whole point is to get close to nature - and nature doesn't require a lot from us. The favourite bed in our own garden requires 2×10 mins of weeding every year because it's so dense - we only remove branches when the perennials are well advanced - and because the bed in the garden is planted with super perennials. Our role at Adiso is to geek out #naturing for you, so you can just get on with it and have a great experience. Always write if you think someone deserves to be a super perennial with us. However, this also requires that they are not pushed too fast and artificially - because then even the best variety will collapse when it has to live a toxin-free life. That's why our best producers are good at interfering as little as possible in the life of flowers, both in terms of spraying etc. So we don't always compete on price - we compete on empowering quality, the planet and people.
Little tip! We'd like to champion a new way of thinking about planting densely - even closer than traditional recommendations. No more putting perennials by what life will be like in 5 years. Preferably plant at least 9 per m2 - that way you don't have to weed right from the start... Get a handle on e bed faster - and you can always share a plant and make room for more in a new place. Much more fun than weeding. Besides, everything else is just unnecessary hard work. Have fun putting together your super combination.

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