Pink Anemone japonica 'King Charlotte' - Japanese Anemone

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The Japanese anemone was probably the first flower we decided was a favourite super-perennial. Since then, we've probably ended up with a few too many favourites - and old Mrs. Japanese Anemone might think that's cheating! Every spring, as the tulips bloom and the Japanese anemone quickly covers the wiltered stems with its early leaves, it becomes clear why the Japanese anemone is still one of our absolute favourites. Japanese anemones cover a bed so quickly, that weeds can't compete. They don't bloom WHILE we're on vacation in July, but when we get HOME from vacation in August (although some people have bet us that theirs bloom from July, so that probably depends on its location). Mrs. J. Anemone likes a little fertilizer, but she doesn't require it. If the ladies stand well, they grow so much that you can give plenty away. If they don't stand as well, just move them and they will come back. The only thing Japanese anemones don't like is Mr. Ground elder. If he takes over too much, too soon in the spring, she'll hang her head and refuse to grow, as if she's been insulted. But keep him in check a bit, and she'll come. They are so beautiful in a vase. They're so beautiful to look at. They're so simple, that life suddenly becomes simple too. In fact, the Japanese anemone is probably still one of our favourite perennials.

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Anemone japonica 'King Charlotte' - Japanese Anemone
Colour: pink - pink
Height: 80-100 cm
Blooms: August-October - some would say July - it depends where they stand

Location: sun/partial shade