#Naturing brings nature's proven healing properties - right into your outdoor space. Garden, balcony or workplace... it works everywhere!

How #naturing became the new black and 5 reasons why it can for you

2020 is the year we launched #naturing. We offer help to create spaces with naturing properties up close - and then we've spent 15 years handpicking special perennials - now we just have words for what it is we actually do.

What is #naturing? For us, it's a way to bring the healing properties of nature close to our outdoor spaces. Research has already proven nature heals. We humans are walking within 22 hours out of the 24 hours of the day and we have record levels of stress and poor mental health in children, young people and adults alike. 53% of the time we can't concentrate.

If we are to make a difference in the world - for example, finding solutions to climate and biodiversity and the future of work - we believe we should focus on people. When we develop outdoor spaces, we do so with a focus on people, because they are proven to improve our health on many levels. It can be with an eye to what gives us surplus, calm, creativity - strengthens the immune system, calms the nervous system - there are many ways. But the point is that if you create you outdoor pockets based on what does good for the mind - then we can unlock more potential.

As the founder of Adiso, it all started when I built a house and a garden myself, because the need to change everyday life had become paramount. Adiso was born out of a former venture startup with 35 employees and an investment case that ended up in ten countries. Personally, it became clear to me that the way my work life was screwed together would never result in me being able to fully leverage who I am. That's why I decided to leave.

When I first built the house and garden, I didn't know I had hit on something that was broader - perhaps you could say - something more familiar. And I'm still so happy when someone walks into something I helped create and says - oh, how I feel this. It's amazing you can actually lift a mood or create an environment that can increase people's ability to get ideas and solve problems or feel less stressed. It's amazing. 

Friends, family and directors we had in the house and garden for workshops - started asking if we could develop and design outdoor spaces for others too. As we began to hold more and more workshops outside and use the designed spaces as part of our workshops, we also began to create spaces for others. 

It took several years before we came across research and concepts that made us realise that our experience of creating experiences and knowledge about how we function in everyday life - is actually bigger than that. This has led us to declare here in 2020 that we are now consciously working to develop and create the healing properties of nature in the outdoor spaces we have close to us. Today, Adiso also owns a farm that will be our showcase for what we now call #naturing. Our goal is for #naturing to become commonplace - here are 5 reasons why #naturing can be for you:

  1. #Naturing is about what people should experience in the outdoors. After countless workshops with large corporations, high-profile CEOs, families, institutions and thousands of event-goers, we've realised that our greatest strength is our focus on what needs to FEEL in the spaces we design. Great outdoor spaces in nature can relieve stress, calm the nervous system, put the clutter of thoughts on hold, be a magical gathering place, spark creativity and new solutions. We care so much about nature helping us - as individuals and as a community. So we develop natural spaces that suit the way we are - not the other way around. So... instead of getting your act together and using the fire pit in the corner of the garden. Or after work you really need to dig in and take a walk. Then we go up what might invite you to use a fire pit or get walking that walk. For example... have the wood close to the fire pit along with kindling and some benches and make it ultra easy to get the fire going and place the fire pit so you can be easily reminded of it. Or... place the rubber boots close to the front door and make a small table top at standing height for coffee and tea by the bench outside, inviting the idea that on that table there could be a cup of coffee. And then add just a little more to entice us outside. Some lovely climbing plants and perhaps some particularly beautiful flowers that you can see from the window, close to the bench.  
  2. We're incredibly keen to look at habits, behaviours and how we can strengthen your inner compass. Studies show that we now spend 22 hours out of 24 indoors. But we were originally built to be in nature. When research shows that nature can heal, we look at what MORE it can do for us humans. So we're dedicated to exploring what's inside us. We go deeper than thinking in terms of general functionalities such as a dining area or reading nook. Because we are concerned with how we want to enjoy ourselves together, what relaxation should be, how we can be active - and what we want to achieve with it. That's why we've spent a number of years developing a process that involves everyone we design for. We call it co-design - and we mean it. Our ideas for good design come from analysing what your dreams, ambitions and visions are.
  3. We geek out in perennials and concrete plants and their colors and impact on us. While preaching - just perennials, plants and colors come last in the design process. That's actually the mistake most people make - buying a perennial they like, but not thinking about the overall picture. If we want a sedum, we look at the 3000+ varieties and pick 5-6 that have qualities that make us enjoy more and perform less. And we only know which ones are right when we know whether we need to screen an area or create a little peek or ensure winter withers down beautifully - or a combo. The nerdiness of the detail has something to do with designing an ultra beautiful experience garden that ends up requiring way too much - and then designing something that's customized with the energy to maintain. We love perennials, because you can make outdoor spaces that are virtually maintenance-free with the right ones. The good perennials can take care of themselves in many ways while helping to make life more calm, festive, abundant, beautiful, matter-of-fact, dreamy.... 
  4. Material selection is so important and we simply do not compromise on aesthetics and people. We have a range of materials we always resort to - and at the same time we match it with our customers' wishes and the experience we want to create. Because our customers need to experience - the material choice is right for them. The range of materials we use again and again is based on the fact that we can feel it speaks to virtually everyone. For example, woods that turn silver gold or can take on a brown tar and stay in tones reminiscent of tree trunks. We also work a lot with corten steel which appeals to many - and here it is often absolutely crucial that the right plants are put together with the materials. In stone and paving we have found time and again that only natural materials speak strongly to us. Often our customers can't quite imagine it or feel it to begin with. Then a visit to the Adiso farm can be helpful, because here it becomes very clear to imagine and feel.
  5. Rethinking. Besides the fact that nature IS innovation, we can't help but challenge whether we can rethink the way things used to be done. We have proven time and again that naturing can be both better and cheaper. For example, we have created a glass building in Plexiglas as a combination between two houses. We are currently developing sliding glass doors as a screen instead of a classic greenhouse. We have designed a stable with glass and wood, made curved corten steel raised beds at wheelchair height for a nursing home and created levels with flowers and large stones. All to rethink how you can sit in an area, walk in and out of an area and be in the middle of some nature. 

Whether you need to develop a large area for children, young people or staff who need to perform at different levels. Whether there are illnesses such as anxiety, ADHD or stress involved - or people who need to perform at a high level under pressure, we are happy to contribute as development officers or with inspiration. We are happy to collaborate with other landscape architects, architects and other bright minds. It's all good fun. The more we can spread #naturing and the idea of how good it is for us to have outdoor spaces we can experience in, the better. Finally, more of us need to take on this task together. We have different offers, but you are ALWAYS welcome to ask if we can put something together for you in a different way.

Four different offers

Online course in outdoor design that heals
  • Learn to design any outdoor space with the knowledge of what heals and strengthens the mind in us humans - and which enhances the quality of life and becomes as beautiful outside as you feel inside
  • Everyone can participate! Whether it's big or small dreams - whether there's stress or illness involved, where the outdoor space needs to help heal
  • We co-design your outdoor space, so you end up with your own sketch of your outdoor space project
  • The course consists of two online sessions of 1.5 hours each, with direct discussion of the specific challenges and possible solutions. It takes place in group sessions with up to 6 participants
  • Homework is scheduled between online sessions to work on what's important to you in your outdoor space
  • We create inspiration boards on Pinterest for your project and you get access to Adiso's inspiration boards

Price: 2.250 kr.

Note, we can also do courses or co-design advice 1-1 - contact us on tel 30450045 for that.

Find out more about dates and register for the course here
If you can't make the dates, we'll find one for you. You can also call us on 30450045 or [email protected]

Design, inspiration and Green plantss delivered to your door - Adiso Season Flower Box
  • The basic idea is that it should be easy to get inspired and get started with small nature experiences in your outdoor space
  • You get specially selected plants, perennials and flower bulbs - which we know work and can be incorporated into many different designs, and you can create your very own look
  • Each month we give ideas on how you can use the content - and share knowledge on what nature can do for you
  • The box is for you who want to spend a few minutes doing and always with a suggestion for a shortcut - we know the rush... but it's also possible to sew if it's more you
  • The box contains 4 green items, 1 surprise item from the Adiso farm and inspiration, fun and experiences for a total value of minimum 500 DDK
  • The box will be sent to you at the beginning of each month. We have holidays in July, August and January. You can always unsubscribe again
  • Guaranteed to make you happy as you watch things grow over the year and you get to grips with what a good life is for you. Many small steps by the right ones - leading you too

Price: 297,00 DDK

You are buying Adiso Season Flowerbox here

Major development and design projects
  • We are happy to design for you who want to bring nature close and create outdoor spaces that unlock creativity and potential
  • Despite experience and knowledge - we are always surprised by the impact a good outdoor space can have
  • In addition to knowledge of health design and phenomology - we also use our 20 years of experience in designing and developing experiences... maybe that's why we approach things a little differently than most
  • Whether you are from an institution or company or you are a private client, we co-design and involve you in the creative process
  • It should be easy to imagine the finished design - that's why we work with 3D drawings and make mood boards and inspiration boards
  • See examples of our designs under the menu item 'Portfolio'
  • We always start with a 2-hour intake meeting, where we talk strategy and initial outlines together. In this lies preparation.

Price: from 5.999,00 DKK
Contact us to learn more or book a meeting on phone 30450045 or [email protected]

Course for entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a business out of nature
  • The course is for those who want to unlock potential and creativity through nature
  • On the course you develop and test your business idea and your product
  • We review core purpose, scalability and you get knowledge about health design, phenomenology etc. put into play in your business
  • You learn about sales and how to get someone to say yes while maintaining your own credibility and honesty
  • We bring 20 years of experience as entrepreneurs and self-employed and trainers
  • Farm facilities and nature are actively used during the day
  • Min. 5 participants per course day. Maximum capacity 20

NB. Full satisfaction and otherwise you can ask for your money back

Next course: Thursday 20.2.2019 from 9-17

Price 2.500,00 DKK (incl. catering)
500,00 DKK discount if you register two at the same time
Contact us to learn more or register at [email protected] or 30450045

SMS or call us to learn more on tel. 30450045

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What if I can't attend on the days you are holding the online course?

You can always watch the session afterwards at your convenience and in the closed Facebook group it is also possible to ask questions and get answers - both from the other students and from Adiso.

Can you get a discount on plants if you buy a lot or have taken an online design course, for example?

You can buy a membership of Adiso and get a 20% discount in the shop for 6 months and access to all our member articles. Right now it costs 179,00 DDK, so it can pay off quickly.

Buy a membership here

How much does it cost to build an outdoor space?

Everything from a few thousand crowns to several million crowns. It depends on size, ambitions, etc. But remember that you spend millions on real estate and then you often cut the outdoor areas. It's a bit like shooting yourself in the foot, because that's where batteries are best recharged. But it costs surprisingly little if it's just plants. The big question really is - what is it worth to lift yourself or others? It's at least affordable to think the thoughts in the first place. Often there is a need to think through what a space needs and that investment usually comes back very quickly once you have created an area that lifts concentration, calm, creativity or whatever the space needs to do. We focus both on the whole, but we ALWAYS focus on what you can do right now that can make a difference right away, so that your investment can bear fruit from the start in a budget that matches. Call to find out more on tel 30450045 or [email protected]

How much does it cost to have an outdoor space designed?

We usually start with a 2-4 hour design meeting, where we at least clarify the most important next steps. Some then only need a few days of effort - while with others we design and develop the areas on many levels. The good thing is that we always take manageable steps and one at a time. We can guarantee that you can ALWAYS get something out of the steps we take together. Contact us if you like, with no obligation, and let's see what's best.

Read more about and book Adiso 2-4 hour counselling here

Where can I see what you've done?

Both in our articles and under the Portfolio menu we have examples of designs we have created and built. But there are also a lot of designs we have drawn that are under construction. We're very honest about whether we think we can make a difference for you. So if you're looking for a particular style, human vision or something and want to know if we can contribute something in that area, get in touch and we'll give you our best guess. We're happy to say no to an assignment if we're not the right people for it.

Contact us at [email protected] or send an SMS on tel 30450045.

Can I visit the farm first and see if you can do anything for me?

Contact us about what it is, and we can usually find a solution. Contact us at [email protected] or send us an SMS on tel 30450045. You can also take a tour of our website to get a broader idea of what we do and where we are.

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Adiso speaks to your heart, to your sense of well-being and challenges your immediate mindset. Their approach is not what you find in various garden design magazines, but instead the focus is on what the outdoor space should do for you; what feeling you are looking for and how you see yourself using your outdoor space. On top of that, they have really good taste, are aesthetically skilled and are always very present. At any given time, I would choose to consult with them before starting up on new outdoor projects - and I never regret it!


Adiso did our garden a few years ago. It was a fantastic experience and can best be described as a process that started with an explosion of creativity and great ideas, which were adapted to our wishes, requirements and finances and ended with a great result. The whole family (adults and children) was consulted and everyone was involved in the final result. We really got 'new eyes' on what could be done. Lines, spaces, colours, joy of life and stories were thought of. We enjoy the garden every day!