Green, army, candle, 42 cm, Ester and Erik, 12 pcs.

Green, army, candle, 42 cm, Ester and Erik, 12 pcs.

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Check out these beautiful slim candles in army green that go with everything from nature. Ester and Erik make handmade Danish candles that are hypoallergenic and top quality. They've reinterpreted the candle to make it especially festive for Christmas, Easter, a dinner party. But also when you just want to do something nice for yourself. They attract attention in a different way and with Ester and Erik's candle holders, you can use them in any context and create atmosphere in no time. They have an extra long burn time - 7 hours - and yes it's good enough! So there's actually good economy in them. But they also just make us want to play and try things out... and we love that.

Colour: Army green - please note that the colour may differ slightly from the photo
Height: 42 cm
Diameter: 1,6 cm
Burning time: 7 hours
Material: the candle is made of wax of 100% pure fragrance-free paraffin from Europe's leading manufacturer. It is produced in Denmark and the wick is made of 100% cotton.

The light is self-extinguishing, so the flame goes out when there are 2-3 cm left.
The base is shaped to fit not only Ester and Erik's beautiful candlesticks, but the vast majority of candlesticks.


Ester & Erik have some good functional advice for getting the most out of your lights:

Keep the wick short

Keep 10 cm distance between the lights (oops... we don't keep that distance ourselves, but it's fine anyway)

Turn off the lights with a light switch to avoid us and make sure the lights are turned off completely so the wick isn't glowing (oops... this happens very rarely, but we think it sounds clever)

If it is a candle with lacquer or in gold, silver or champagne, it is important - after extinguishing - to remove the top lacquer skin in the bowl around the wick, so that the candle can be lit again without problems (it is easier than it may sound)

Avoid putting the candles in a row

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