Light Purple Viola cornuta 'Milkmaid' - Horned pansy

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The horned pansy 'Milkmaid' has the most beautiful colours and they bloom for a really long time. With a fragrance and multiple attributes that are good for both insects and humans. This is actually true regarding most horned pansy varieties and yet we've had our reservations. But not anymore. Because after years of searching for simpler ones in beautiful colours, this year is a turning point. Let's leave the memories of the graveyard or the supermarket in the past, and embrace these little superstars. This one brightens up the dark winter when not much else does. It'll greet you with a smile and it's sure to catch your eye outside, on the patio or on the balcony. You can even put it in a pot, and move it around as you like, during its long blooming period. If you bring it inside, it will grow taller and wilder. Which in turn does something quite remarkable for the horned pansy, that it doesn't even realise itself. So lift your spirits and make a new best friend with the 'Milkmaid' horned pansy.

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Viola cornuta 'Milkmaid'
Colour: White and light purple with a yellow centre
Height: 15cm
Blooms: May-September (read that again)
Number per m2: 9
Other: It is fragrant and evergreen and really insect friendly. See what we mean?! It's too hard to get around when nothing else is going on or when all else fails