Green Codiaeum variegatum 'Petra' - Croton - H70 cm, Ø27 cm
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Green Codiaeum variegatum 'Petra' - Croton - H70 cm, Ø27 cm

319,00 kr.

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The croton plant is insanely inspiring to have around because it changes colours so beautifully. The large leaves can help to create peacefulness in a space, while the dense foliage can create a safe and contained space, if placed at the end of the sofa, for example. Oh, but the colours... check out the amazing colours! The eyes immediately catch the beautiful colours, playfully shifting among each other. You can really get lost in the big, fantastic leaves. It's not delicate as such, but it's not particularly thirsty either. It prefers a steady humidity where it can dry out easily without being overwatered.

Name: Codiaeum variegatum 'Petra'
Colour: Green
Current height: 70 cm
Flowering: No
Lighting: It is very versatile and can stand in both sun and shade/no-light
Number per m2: With this size you need 1 to plant a m2
Pot size: 21 cm
Watering: Depending on the position - more light requires more water and vice versa, but it must not be overwatered.
Height: Can be over 100 cm

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