Green Alocasia 'Regal Shields' - Elephant Ears H100 cm, Ø27 cm
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Green Alocasia 'Regal Shields' - Elephant Ears H100 cm, Ø27 cm

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Alocasia 'Regal Shields' is an incredibly easy houseplant, that is also known Elephant ear which is understandable! The fine, green, glossy leaves look like a beautiful elephant ear! When we see a plant named after animals, we immediately think that it must have had a playful and/or inspiring effect on those who gave it that nickname. They have let their imagination do the talking and named it after what they imagined when they looked at it. At the same time, we can understand why it has the word 'Shields' in its name, because the large leaves create a calm and protective atmosphere, where you can really hide behind the large, beautiful, green leaves.

Name: Alocasia 'Regal Shields'
Colour: Green
Current height: 100 cm
Flowering: No
Lighting: Is very versatile and can tolerate both sun and almost no light
Number per m2: With this size you need 1 to plant a m2
Pot size: 27 cm
Watering: Depends on location - more light requires more water and vice versa. Water when the soil is dry
Height: Can grow to be 120-130 cm and even bigger with the right care and enough patience

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