Little Verbena bonariensis - Sharkweed
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Little Verbena bonariensis - Sharkweed

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Verbena bonariensis - giant verbena is a bit wintery - but we don't care!! We'll have it anyway! Because when things start to fade, it stands 100cm tall with little balls of tiny flowers with an undertone of red that makes late summer great! The verbena / vervain shines and highlights anything that lives near it. Instead of spending a fortune on cut flowers, we spend a little every now and then to renew this one so our tall beds are sparkling and we can cut our own for the vase. It's so much more fun. A must have in a raised bed and can be made more or less architectural or romantic.

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Verbena bonariensis - Giant Verbena
Colour: purple
Height: 100 cm
Flowers: June-September
Location: thrives in sun
Number per m2: 6

Other - can be a bit wintery, so winter protection is recommended. We don't always do this and they often manage. But maybe worth putting some spruce or straw over.