Pink Saxifraga arendsi 'Touran Scarlet' Moss saxifrage

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We always discuss moss saxifrage in Adiso. It can be a bit boring when put together with the wrong thing. And absolutely wonderful with the right thing. Put it gently and simply between stones, for example, or in a pot. Or under something else in the bed that you want to brighten up before everything else takes hold. Because especially at a time when we WANT to see something blooming - this pink and burgundy saxifrage will put you in a good mood.

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Saxifraga arendsii 'Touran Scarlet' - Moss saxifrage

Colour: Magenta, dark pink, burgundy depending on conditions
Height: 15 cm
Flowering: March-April
Location: Thrives in sun and partial shade
Number per m2: With this pot size you need 9 to plant 1 m2
Pot size: 11 cm with a root system that has been allowed to grow naturally strong
Hardiness: Fully hardy

Other: can grow out of a stone - hence the name. I.e. super for a stone bed and it is evergreen