White Geranium Phaeum 'Album' - Cranesbill
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White Geranium Phaeum 'Album' - Cranesbill

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This geranium is particularly amazing, which we can say for certain, because we love nerding out and finding those really unique and amazing geraniums - or Cranesbill, in English. There are more than 1000 different kinds, so a little geekiness is definitely in order. Geranium Phaeum 'Album', for example, is great in a woodland setting. It's also one of the strongest perennials, and it just ignores cabbage and grows over it. Which is something we love, and we like the idea that life should be lived, not weeded.


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Geranium Phaeum 'Album' - Cranesbill

Colour: white flowers
Height: 60 cm
Flowering: June - July
Position: sun to partial shade
Number per m2: With this size you need 6 to plant a m2
Pot size: 11 cm with a root system that has been allowed to grow naturally strong
Hardiness: fully hardy

Good for ground cover