White Astrantia Major 'Snowstar' - Starflower

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We're crazy about Astrantia - the star shade - which comes in many colours. This one is one of the creamier and lighter classics. And after a visit to the UK, where they fill up whole beds with just it, we've fallen in love with it. Where it will go is yet to be decided. But it won't stand alone, it'll need its friends to make it look like something. It's probably the most romantic English perennial you can almost get - and it doesn't require anything. Lasts a long time and comes back with a few clips for the vase. Mother Ulla's favourite flower!

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Astrantia Major 'Snowstar' - Starflower

Colour: White
Height: 60 cm
Flowering: June-August. NB! until frost sets in, if you cut for the vase!
Location: Semi-shade/sun and many types of soil
Number per m2: In this size you need 3 to plant a m2
Pot size: 2 L with a root system that has been allowed to grow naturally strong
Hardiness: Hardy