Yellow Echinacea hybrid 'Funky Yellow'(R) - Coneflower
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Yellow Echinacea hybrid 'Funky Yellow'(R) - Coneflower

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The 'Funky Yellow' coneflower invites you to be social. She's beautiful, quirky, two-toned and entirely her own. She makes us happy and reminds us of all the special things we each have. When we say that nature can give us superpowers, she's definitely one of the reasons.

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Echinacea hybrid 'Funky Yellow' - Coneflower

Colour: yellow/orange
Height: 80 cm
Flowering: July - September
Position: sun
Number per m2: With this size you need 6 to plant a m2
Pot size: 11 cm with a root system that has been allowed to grow naturally strong
Hardiness: medium

Plant in ordinary, well-drained garden soil that won't get too wet during the winter. Starts late in spring, but it's great for bouquets and such, so be patient. Insect plant