Green Hosta hybrid 'Empress Wu' - Funkia 'Empress Wu'
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Green Hosta hybrid 'Empress Wu' - Funkia 'Empress Wu'

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Hosta is currently a little unpopular because of spanish slugs. However, we would much rather buy those blue thingie that are organic and that work, so we can keep our hosta - and besides, there are limits as to how high a snail can climb, when we're talking about 120cm. Or you can do as my dear mother, and have them in huge pots, even in the smallest of gardens - it looked SO extremely good. We used to think 'Big Daddy' was one of the biggest, but then we discovered 'Empress Wu'.

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Hosta hybrid 'Empress Wu'
Colour: Light purple with blue/greenish/grey foliage
Height: 120 cm
Flowering: July-August
Lighting : Sun and Semi-shade
Number per m2: 3-4