Blue-green Euphorbia myrsinites - Blue-green Spurge

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This is a different - and another great - spring milk. We love spurge because they almost always make all the other plants look great. With its blue-green colours and creeping stems, this one is beautiful and makes a great ground cover. It grows best in nutrient-rich, moist garden soil, but can actually tolerate drought, so that just makes it super adaptable. We're already planning where to put the next ones. In general, when we use spring milkweed, our experience is that if we put it with other greens, it can have a calming effect on us - this is also true for our blue-green favourite.

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Blue-green Euphorbia myrsinites - Blue-green Spurge

Colour: blue-green foliage with pale yellow flowers
Height: 20-25 cm, width 20-30cm
Flowering: May - June
Lighting : sun/semi-shade
Number per m2: 7

Grows best in good nutritious and moist garden soil. Blue-green calendula is a fully hardy perennial, which is suitable as a ground cover with its creeping stems. However, it can tolerate drought and is therefore also suitable for alpine gardens.