Blue Calamintha Nepeta 'Blue cloud' - Lesser calamint

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Unique blue colour - almost entirely purple and blooms in late summer. Independently of each other, we came up with the lesser calamint, as we played the game of "which flowers make us happy and could one of them be a perennial?" And then we found 'Blue Cloud'... and my god, is it amazing! And it smells wonderful

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Calamintha nepeta 'Blue Cloud' - Lesser calamint
Colour: Blue - hints of lilac
Height: 25 cm
Flowering: July-October
Position: Sun to partial shade
Number per m2: With this size you need 6 to plant a m2
Pot size: 11 cm with a root system that has been allowed to grow naturally strong
Hardiness: Fully hardy

Lovely ground cover, insect plant and it smells amazing