Adopt a magical #naturing m2 from WorldPride

300,00 kr.

Bring home your own memory from WorldPride, Copenhagen 2021

More than 3000 flowers in #naturing design, have just moved from home and out to 4 venues: Front Yard, Main House, Rainbow Children and Fluid Festival.
They are being well looked after, but when it's all over, they need a new home. And maybe it should be yours! If you've found that flowers help create magic in an already magical week - how about adopting a m2 and having a memory in your own home that grows with time? All the flowers and plants have been specially selected for WorldPride. They are strong, delicate, flying, bristling and much more. They come in bright colours and gentle tones. Some of them are also a bit special and downright unknown. Even though they should be known. And they can all stand in the garden or in a pot on the balcony. And they're so ready to create magic in your home.

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When you adopt a m2, you get 6 flowers that we have specially selected and put together from the different venues.
We really want them to have a good home - so you get them at a special price.

Are you really getting a m2? Yes, if you follow the planting rules, you need on average 6 plants per m2. But we often plant much more densely, so you can choose to do that too. For a big impact here and now, we put 12 plants per m2 on the various venues.

At Adiso, we want everyone to have a magical #naturing m2 near them. We do this because being close to nature heals us and gives us superpowers so we can get more of what we want in life.
We look forward to you having a magical #naturing m2 in your home.

Read more about what we designed of #naturing experiences at WorldPride, Copenhagen 2021 here.