Lime/yellow Euphorbia x martinii 'Ascot Rainbow' - Martin's spurge

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'Ascot Rainbow' is yet another spurge we have tested successfully. We are so crazy about spurge, that we just had to see how this version behaves in the garden. And we're a fan. We love spurge because it almost always makes all other plants look great. Put it in a bunch and it really comes to its own. The variegated spurge has a more muted colour than some of the other kinds, and can be put with other spurges or other perennials in more muted nuances. Or you can go for something that'll amplify the red or lime in its flowers. We've experienced that if we put it with other greenery, it can have a calming effect on us. It oozes inspiration as well as opportunity for contemplation, with its special foliage, which looks great and is interesting all year round. Look forward to winter, when the leaves take on a more pinkish hue.


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Euphorbia x martinii 'Ascot Rainbow' - Martin's spurge

Colour: Variegated foliage, lime and pale yellow flowers
Height: 40 cm
Flowering: May - August
Lighting : Sun
Number per m2: 6

Tip: Suitable for cutting, Common garden soil

Wear a pair of gloves if you cut off the withering stems in late summer or autumn. We haven't experienced it, but the juice can cause skin irritation.