Red Rubus 'Buckingham Tayberry' - Thornless Tayberry

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Love, love berries! Also Buckingham Tayberry's tayberry, which is a cross between raspberry and blackberry. For us, berries are the feeling of bare feet in grass that's still damp from the night - and then just a quick walk out to pick for breakfast. Or picking berries with the kids, where more end up in the mouth than in the bowl and that's just okay. Tayberries are thornless, so no more scratches when picking berries or pruning. Berry bushes can be put in clusters, beds or lawns so they're easy to get to. 'Buckingham Tayberry' is a pure winner, igniting a longing to pick the berries, whose flavours are most reminiscent of woodland raspberries and freedom.

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Rubus 'Buckingham Tayberry' - Thornless Tayberry

Colour: Red berries and green leaves
Height: 200-400 cm
Flowering: May-June, berries in autumn
Lighting : Sun

This plant is a cross between blackberry and raspberry. Thrives in sun in normal garden soil. Thornless Tayberry is, as the name suggests, thornless. The flowers are self-pollinating and the plant can be trellised. Fruit: 3 cm. large, reddish berry.

Tip: Pick all berries or cut off shoots that have borne fruit.
The berries on the bushes will turn into seeds if you don't pick them. When they go to seed, they reseed themselves and go back to their original wild nature. And yes, nature is good at reminding us that we can't control everything. So berries are food for birds, who then scatter them and they become seeds and the wild can therefore be seen all around. But now you know it's probably just a bird that's enjoyed a delicious berry meal.