About Adiso

In Adiso we make it easy to create green spaces that strengthen and make us feel good - in the garden, in the courtyard, at work or in the urban space

A green outdoor space benefits our ability to function

Our mental health is the most increasing, costly and threatening problem in the Western world - according to WHO.

Research shows that having access to green spaces that are close by, strengthens us and heals us both physically and mentally.1 in 4 people either have a problem or are predicted to have a problem. In other words, we all know someone who is challenged.

But we can DO something!

#naturing - Adiso's approach to designing outdoor spaces that strengthen

More than 140 research studies involving more than 290 million people show the power of having well-functioning green spaces nearby. But that knowledge often just sits idle in the universities.

That's why we, here at Adiso, have developed a methodology where we take all that knowledge and translate it into some simple design principles that make it easy to do it yourself. We call it #naturing. And soon you can become a happy creator and get help even more easily with our Happytat Creator.

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"It started with a personal problem" - Ida Brinck-Lund, Founder of Adiso

After a long journey in entrepreneurship with 35 employees and millions of dollars in investments, which brought great pressure and stress.

I had to recognise one day, that if I was to realise my full potential, I would have to turn my life around. I first built a house full of nature, in order to never forget the important things in life. Very quickly it became the centre of a new way of working. We discovered how drastically a good outdoor space could boost energy and inspiration. And so Adiso was born.

It took several years before I could put a finger on what Adiso could do. For the first many years, no one was really talking about Health Design. Today, the evidence - that nature heals people - is so clear that it is no longer up for debate. Every day we experience how nature unlocks our own - and others' - creativity and potential. So in 2020 we launched #naturing.

It began when I was standing at a nursery with my friend Tanja. We were looking at an ENORMOUS amount of flower bulbs that cost a small fortune and we felt lost. There we simply got the idea - we can do better! And it turns out, 15 years of nerding out in perennials, bulbs and garden design, is just what it takes to make it easy for others.

We've ended up designing many outdoor spaces and geeking out in the best flowers and products. Today, I am fortunate that Tanja and others have come on board to help make it easy for each and every one of us to have green outdoor spaces that strengthen.

We're just getting started
- but we see a collective way forward and you're invited along for the journey

We need to go out into the world in order to reach a tipping point, so that everyone has access to green spaces nearby. They say that if we gather 3.5% of the population, the rest of the world will tip over and agree on the importance of the matter. We can only reach that tipping point together with you

We are working hard to create digital courses, tips and tricks on social media, news on email and much more.

We need to make sure that products from local, passionate souls can be sold globally. This is why we have a partnership with Europe's biggest shipping suppliers and a whole bunch of manufacturers. We pick our collaborators carefully

We need to think sustainably - healthy, strong, Green plantss all the way through. We are just getting started, but we are pointed in the right direction and we aspire to one day be able to deliver your parcels with a company called Care Carryand are certainly proud of our start with the collaboration with PostNL - The Netherlands' most sustainable company and they have solar panels on all their warehouses.

 We need to make a difference for those who desperately need magic #naturing square metres.
See, for example, what we did at WorldPride 2021

Design inspiration

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Adiso's method to easily bring the empowering principles of Health Design into your own space with a focus on mental well-being

quality products

We are flower nerds and work closely with our carefully selected suppliers to ensure that the quality is so good, that it brings success to our costumers

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