Adiso Christmas String of Lights Sirius Topline 50 small lights starter set inside and outside small lights

199,00 kr.

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Start set of approx. 8 m. Adiso's absolute favourite outdoor light. Tested. Bought last year. All lights last again this year. We at Adiso care about the colour of the lights on the light chains. Because white LED lights give plastic Christmas without soul. Too yellow we think is American glitter Christmas. We want a warm, natural, Nordic light that brings back the best memories of childhood - even when we're grown up. We think Sirius Topline is just the right colour. Click on the headline for more info.

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Number of LED lights: 50
Energy source: 1.5W/36V
Colour cord: Black
Additional extension cord: 8 m
Length: 5 m
Volume: 0.001463m3
Weight: 0.25kg

Supplied with plug and 8 metre extension lead. Approved for outdoor use.
Bulbs cannot be changed.

Note from Adiso:
In Adiso we want light chains to last as long as possible. They should be able to be combined year after year. And be extended and shortened and have hours on them.

After the old Sirus candles lasted for almost ten years, they had to give up. Fair enough. It took an absurd amount of research to find today's best candles on the market. The winner was Sirus. Again. They can't guarantee a string of lights will last ten years, but if you store them indoors and dry them out well after the Christmas season - there's a good chance the plugs won't irrode and they can last for several seasons. We tested ours from 2014 this year. They're all ready. That's why we can vouch for recommending them. Can be renewed or extended with Techline's supplement packs.