Adiso favourite - White duck eggs - hanging - 5 pcs

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White hanging duck eggs to put a surprise in the egg, a chicken or some decoration or a flower. Duck eggs are a bit sturdier than hanging eggs and the nice brown natural string makes you do SO many different things with such eggs. We've created an adiso Easter board on pinterest for inspiration - click here. Easy quick things you can make that are fun and look amazing. In these inspiration photos you can also see Easter decorations from amazingly lovely instagram blogger AuntieGreenshave, who also can't help but take the healing properties of nature completely inside. All ages can join in. Adiso probably does a little Easter crafting on facebook and instagram too if you need inspiration. Have a great time.

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Colour: White

Quantity: 5 pieces

There is a brown string on each side of the egg that allows you to hang the egg on a branch with something in it.

Duck eggs are slightly larger than hen eggs and slightly more robust.