Flower bulb guide

Guide to Flower Bulbs

Five tips for choosing and planting this year's bulbs step by step

1: Make a #naturing greeting to yourself

What will the bulbs remind you of when they come up in spring?

There are four words that come up most often when we design. How important is calm, inspiration, play and social life to you? For example, calm - so pastel colours are good? Or play. Something vibrant and colourful can invite play. How about something that just makes you want to sit down and have a coffee with a good friend in the early spring sunshine? Put something that entices you, perhaps because you need to see it in detail - or because there are so many. Or maybe because you're going to pick from it? #naturing Is an awareness of influencing your own mood - where you could use some support. The great thing about plants is that they NEVER judge you. You can get over-stimulated, then you can get over-stimulated, but I'd still say that come spring, you almost always like more with more on. Do you think it's time to let go of control a little? Well then throw something random in the basket and try something you don't know how ends up. This sending a greeting to yourself ahead of time is REALLY fun. 


2: Early flower bulbs can act as candles

Choose the earliest bulbs for colour magic when everything else is still dark and brown

You can see the very first flower bulbs emerging from the soil already at the end of winter. It makes happy. Snowdrops and crocuses are among the early ones. By then it's dark. Nothing is blooming. So, where should be a little glimpse of color and spring to cheer you up. Just a little spot can make you happy in the lid. The spot you invest in now - gives back a thousandfold. Then you should be able to see them when you look out of your morning coffee window or when you come home from work. Or maybe both. You CAN'T get enough of the earliest spring bulbs! 

See some of our earliest bulbs

3: #naturing, when you come home from work can be for example to let go of the roof

Imagine you come home after working in the month of February March. Everything is brown and tender - but then... you've sent yourself a little love note - what would you like to say to yourself?

In research we talk about phenomenology. That your own perception is your own truth. #naturing is about building YOUR universe so that you remind yourself of what matters to you. Wild colours can be great for waking us up and turning off the autopilot. A sea of red gets some of us out of the rush, so we're present right now. For others, a sea of red sets off an alarm. But there's no right and wrong. It's all personal. Maybe there's already enough input in life. Then most will respond calmly with pastel colors and feel it makes us
breathe deeply. What will you face when you get home - a long day at work? 


4: Morning mood greeting

It's early morning and still so cold you have to pull yourself together to get out. You look out your window with your steaming tea or coffee. What are you looking at?

Need inspiration? Surprised? Then do something different with your flower bulbs and have a good laugh every morning about your crazy attempt. Want to enjoy a shape that just does something to your heart? Shapes can be used in the same way to create a reaction in us. Tulips with fringe that kind of says there's more to me than you think! Soft shapes that invite and welcome. Or big flower heads that stick out boldly above the rest and create structure in your head? There are also bulbs that grow up to two metres tall, like this Robustus. What will jumpstart your morning? 

Play with shapes and colours

#Naturing is a message to you in the future

Whatever you choose now - you'll probably have forgotten all about by spring. And then the fun part is to check again: did I really choose all those colours? Hmm... maybe because I needed to get it going? And I certainly acted on it. Or... Why should I have so much peace there in autumn?... I'm not there anymore. And other times you hit the nail on the head. And no matter what, you're so glad to give yourself a little consideration. It's fun and nice. In a life-affirming way. And you can have lots of ideas. You can plant until the frost sets in. We've planted tulips right into February, so just pinch a bit at a time and set them while autumn's beautiful reds sing a final song. We always think we have too few for the vase and when we get there in spring it annoys us, as they are much cheaper. So this year we're going bananas.

Here's what our customers say


It's amazing what you can get from looking at the behaviour of horses- it's like a mirror


Adiso is an exciting acquaintance; super creative and dedicated staff with different ideas and a focus on what will be the right garden solution for you. The first question Ida asked me was "what makes you happy in your garden and what will you first look at when you look out into it". A very simple question, which nevertheless required some serious thought on my part about what I wanted from my garden. And thanks to Adiso, I've got it! I highly recommend Adiso because 1) there are no pole solutions, and 2) their plants are also specially selected and not something you'd find at regular nurseries.


I came into contact with Adiso/Ida when I had to turn our 160 sq m slope into a bed that would "look after itself". I had a lot of ideas and wishes, but I was still completely at a loss. I didn't know how to approach the task. Ida took my thoughts and ideas and put them into a system. At the same time, she helped me figure out what my and my family's needs were at the time and going forward. I've always been creative, but never jumped into the floral world. Ida gave me the right tools and the right push. Huge thanks


Talking to Ida and looking at Adiso's beautiful pictures is very inspiring. A fine and different selection of plants and beautiful flowers.