Step 1: What will the holiday give you?

Holiday atmosphere in our own garden - that's our goal for the summer, now that we'll be home more than we had planned. But what is holiday spirit for you? And what are you craving most right now that summer is here? We know from our work with #naturing - and all the knowledge [...]

Step 1 to choosing a super perennials: Where to live in the garden?

The first step in choosing perennials depends on the function of the perennials. For example, do you want them to create a view from the terrace? Do you want them to provide tranquillity? Inspire? Or cover an area and create a fairy-tale atmosphere? Or should they be used to encourage play, picnics and children's dens? Before you choose the perennials you just love, [...]

Step 1: What do you need most right now?

A trip outside can help you find the resources you already have inside you - that's what #naturing is all about. Everyone's doing their garden clean-up - it's great, just remember.... If we gain more resources, energy, brain power and become mentally sharper, then the outdoors helps us to [...]