Christmas table with atmosphere

It's like all nature fits together - so you don't have to be an artist to get a great vibe. Focus on three elements: the candles, the tablecloth and the decorations, such as nature ornaments.

Easy Christmas cheer with nature decorations and candles in beautiful colours

As darkness falls, we want to light the candles and enjoy the cosiness they create. And we've just realised that the stressful thing about Christmas is often all the decisions you have to make. Once you've got the ingredients - good ingredients - it becomes pure mindfulness to play with things. That's why it's a really good idea to combine your choice of lights with nature's decorations, because it makes everything SO much easier.

Table cover you

In the past, I didn't think setting a Christmas table was easy at all. But now... If I can just find a bit of nature and some pretty lights, and see if anything can go again, I think the magic sets in. I wonder if it's because nature is just beautifully created no matter what. You never know... [...]