Flower bulbs STEP 1

Last year, several people found that their favourite flower bulbs were sold out. So this year we're trying - order now and have them delivered in September - as soon as they're ready. Spring is a new beginning. Which really starts right after the summer holidays. It's almost like being able to make a New Year's resolution. A [...]

Flower bulbs STEP 3

In late spring, we go from flower bulbs standing alone to the garden now starting to swarm - yay. We'll say it again - the magic of bulbs is that they are the earliest colours of the season. A big advantage of bulbs is also that there is some evidence to suggest that we will have less [...]

Flower bulb inspiration STEP 1

Summer... autumn... winter. Spring is a new beginning. Why we have decided that life is linear when even the soil is cyclical is strange, isn't it? Every autumn, when the flower bulbs come, it's like being allowed to go to a sweet shop. But the kind of candy store that gives you reason to stop and [...]

Tulips can inspire a lot - here to incredible colourfulness

Flower bulbs STEP 2

Now you have chosen the earliest bright spots of spring. Now it gets even more fun, because as spring arrives - there are many more opportunities. All those choices can make us breathless, so it should be easy. We narrow down the options from a whole different place. In our inner compass, we ask ourselves...

It takes two minutes to make a pot of spring

And you'll get hundreds of minutes that'll keep you happy. Besides branches that you can find anywhere in nature and then sprout in a vase, flower bulbs that have been through the cold season - are super nice to get going now - both indoors and out. We have [...]

STEP 2 - Cheat start spring... inside the heat

It's almost embarrassing to say out loud. We haven't planted any bulbs yet either! We can see from our flower bulb sales that there are MANY of us who still need to get flower bulbs planted! Yay - we're not alone. We've been putting it off with all this rain. And it's cold! And wet! And [...]