Step 2: Focus closely in spring

What are you dreaming of right now? And can one small act make a difference? Do you want peace? Play? Inspiration? A good place to start is to put out colours. Research shows that colours have an impact on us, but what colours we respond to - and how - is very individual. Some research suggests that pastel colours calm a garden - and bright colours stimulate us positively. Conversely, if you're very stressed, we know that bright colours can easily make you feel overstimulated. That part of the theory fits pretty well with our years of design experience.
But this spring - we all seem to need - more than usual - to get our colours back. That's our contention and experience - but it's you it should make a difference to, so you decide if that's what you need. Colours can help to cheat perspective. For example, blue-violet colours make us close our eyes a little and therefore something seems further away (clever if you're going to make your garden bigger!...). While reddish tones can make something seem closer.
Just for fun, here we suggest an easy way to take a neutral area - and make the look a little more exciting. Here you see green lovely ramsons, but also a slightly dead area....

And below is the same look - where we've just put out some ball primroses. We don't love a ball primula up close (quote Emiliemus - lovely friend's daughter) - but this is exactly what we want to teach you. In early spring, it doesn't really matter what's happening down at the far end of the garden, because it's too cold to get out there. But! You could usefully focus on a look like this, where we look inside the house and out. So the colours become more like little bubbles. Look at this...

And those kind of floating bubbles - WE LOVE THEM (planted right in the soil - without the signs, of course).

Do you see what we mean? And imagine the view from the inside? It's an example of a small, easy project that's straightforward. Maybe play with the main entrance, the morning coffee window. The balcony, perhaps visible from the sofa. Or the new view from your corona home workspace, which might cheer things up a bit amid a possible impending sense of isolation. And so take one look at a time, deciding on one simple thing to do on one look - and then another good idea can be allowed to fill in when it's time for the next look.

Match the flower selection with your dreams and time

The next step is to match your choice of flowers with your dreams... and then do an impulse check. It sounds complicated, but you'll get used to the principle in no time. We often find that we can tend to fall in love with a flower without checking if it actually suits our temperament, in terms of maintenance. There's no fun in having a beautiful diva if it just makes us feel guilty. It will never be completely pretty - because we don't really have the energy to do what it takes = a constant nagging guilty conscience. No good!

#Naturing is based on the fact that nature does not WANT something from us, but that it GIVES us something. If we use it.

So before you get carried away by the excitement of a particular flower, see how much you actually bother to nibble and tend to plants? We are LOVED in Adiso. We like to create new projects and look at them. What little we have to do, we then ENJOY in return because we are not overwhelmed - or put to overwork. And we have LOTS of flowers. You need to build the garden to suit YOU.

As a good TV chef says: "We cheated a little..."

We have put together a selection of super perennials that require very little! So you can be sure that the beds you build will be easy to maintain. So if you're buying from Adiso, go for it. Our super perennials are very fine, strong and magical. They perform every year and that is an EASY path to success. Sometimes we're told we have too few in the range - and that's true - but that's because out of hundreds of varieties - we only choose the few we think will last.

But sometimes we take chances ourselves or get caught out by something that pops like gold for an injury! Like some kind of calculated candy thing. You just grab them all you want - from anywhere. As long as you know what you're getting into.

If you have any plants you love that you think we need - please write to us at [email protected]

If they fall under our requirements of being particularly strong and good, we'll gladly take them in. I'm sure there are family members and neighbours who have plants they think are great, but have too many of them and would like to share. That's always a good option - and here's a small selection of our spring super perennials. There are more inside the web shop. Enjoy.