Nature decorations last!

The green lichen has been a favourite at Christmas time for years. And we love Christmas. Love going out and finding things in nature. But the wall hits us just as often. The time wall. So what happens is:We have all these things we want to get to - and then we're in Netto or Føtex buying artificial decorations at the last minute. Now we've become realists. But we refuse to give up the right to play a little, and be a little creative even as the days grind on. Being just a little bit creative - just brings much more joy to life.

So the last few years we have cheated. We buy into the green lichen and the fine moss branches that are hard to find in many places in the forest. We live with the fact that we can't reach it all. Instead, we lower the bar. When we a walk in the woods and pick spruce we are happy. Actually think we'll make it this year. Otherwise it's ok! Then we lower the bar, because the goal doesn't change. Out in the garden and get some St. Hans Hert pink flowers that are drying nicely. If we run out, there's always something within a 5 minute walk we can find. And otherwise we have to make do with the nature ornaments we buy. Because the goal is to have fun.

We bought iron wreaths that take two minutes to decorate and dishes that can make you look like Christmas in an instant. Because we love Christmas! And Christmas should be fun, lovely, cosy, easy and manageable. And so nice that even the pets participate. When the teenage daughter has outgrown photos, it's nice to have a four-legged fan. Luckily, Christmas is still the whole family's fun time. And it starts now!

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