A2 Living round tray midi 30×10 cm

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The tray from A2 Living is particularly stable and has high edges. It doesn't take up much space on its own, but lets the contents take centre stage. Because it's so easy to take around, we just bring tea and coffee out - even when it would otherwise be easier to stay inside. And we love anything that makes it easier for us to get outside.

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Material: metal plate, subsequently sprayed to give it a galvanised look. Comfortable rubber handles.
Dimensions: Ø: 30 cm H: 10 cm
It is also available in a larger version of 40×10 cm.

A2 Living is Danish designed products that can withstand a little bit of everything.
Specially selected by Adiso because they have a beautiful design and high quality.

Please note that these trays only have a galvanised look, and therefore rust may appear on the surface if they are exposed to water.

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