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Adiso has developed the #naturing method to make it easy to bring the healing powers of nature up close. But sometimes you can get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. All you have to do is read this week's blogpost with 4 tips for a life without weeds. And you'll be well on your way.

What people say about Adiso

We no longer give personalised design advice, because we don't have the time. But if you take the sensory test, we'll give you free personalised tips to get you started - and we'll be releasing an online course soon. Every week, we'll post new blog articles, send you updates by email, and if you're stuck, we'll find a way to help you move forward.


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Flower bulbs - we're planting all throughout January from

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Flower bulbs - we're planting all throughout January from

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#Naturing also applies indoors. Plants are proven to lift your mood - AND sharpen your focus. Here are a few green suggestions to brighten things up while it's still wet and gray.

It's so wonderful. We're getting 5 stars on trustpilot now and we think you're starting to believe that we can actually ship tall plants. We can. And we have a special range, special quality and can actually handle plants up to 160cm tall. Type 'tall' in the search box and they'll come up. Read about each plant and feel for your match. Look at a plant and listen to your heart. But remember ... ALL plants do you good ... there is no right or wrong in Adiso.

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How do we ship our plants? See our new packaging system for indoor plants

So many of you have asked, so we made a video on how to unbox your houseplants.

Whether you're an adult or a child or want to do something with the family. It's just nice when it's easy. Here's a little something for your inner spring-sprout - and even though it says harvest basket, we use it as a weeding basket. 

Ps - let us know - do we need to get our Easter products up soon? Send an email to [email protected], or a messenger message, or shoot us a text at +4530450045 and we'll listen to you. 

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We just got an email from our Dutch flower bulb friends. After going through ALL the bulbs, they said that NINE flower bulbs can last for some time yet, and come up beautifully. Therefore, we have just reopened the sale for NINE varieties. And remember there is complete satisfaction with us, so if there is anything wrong, we'll fix it - ALWAYS. After all, we're dealing with living things. Thank God...

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There are some crazy savings to be found on products that create amazing outdoor spaces or light up from a distance. The plants really don't look like much right now, but they can still be put in the soil and if there's something wrong with one of them, we'll exchange it. Find everything in our online outlet by clicking on the menu at the top called: Outlet

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4 green houseplants for peace and quiet

In our latest sensory test, we looked at your results and it's quite shocking! On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most calm, over 81% of you answered 8 or above. We're working on a blogpost about calmness, as we've discovered that if you have racing thoughts, you might benefit from a different kind of plant than what the "normal" research shows. Until then, a good rule of thumb for tranquillity is to look for deep, green structures with simple textures. Here are four examples of indoor plants that bring tranquility - try to explore what happens to you when you look at them. Feel free to write to us about what you experience.

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FAQ for indoor plants

We love that there is now research showing that houseplants also improve our mood, help us focus better, have better conversations, and a whole lot more. Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about indoor plants.

Philodendron, Pothos, Aglaonema, Aspidistra Dracaena and Peace lilies are a few examples. But we recommend that you look for plants that speak to your heart. Because even though a plant may prefer locations with more light, in many cases, it can do just fine anyway. We say - as we do with outside plants - try it out. Plants are like people - if it doesn't like what you say to it, then say something else. It doesn't have to be more difficult than that.

Sanseveiria, Philodendron, Succulents, Pothos. But again... Don't let this limit you. There are millions of plant books that make it out to be rocket science. Write to us if you have any doubts. We're right here - whenever you need

Keep the soil moist. Not too wet, not too dry. Make sure the water can drain away. Place the plant by a window, so it can soak up some light. Google a plant if you're unsure - or ask us - and we'll answer you, and make sure we write up some articles about it.

Some believe an indoor plant can last for 2-5 years. Others have a plant for many years. We just saw a video that shows how much they move around in a day. They really are alive. Just do your best. Try it - and learn things, one step at a time. Either way, they'll bring joy from day 1.

That can of course be done here at :0) We've handpicked the most popular and the strongest ones at first, but we're geeking out more and more with indoor plants, no doubt about it. If you have a special request, let us know - we can probably get it for you. 

We've got a new shipping partner who REALLY cares about packing them well and will therefore exchange or compensate for any plant that gets damaged. All plants are transported in cardboard boxes made of approved sustainable material - WITHOUT tape. We are trying to educate plant manufacturers to use less plastic - but this takes some time. We can deliver plants up to 160cm this way - and we guarantee your full satisfaction. Just like we've always done.

Flower bulbs FAQ

We love flower bulbs, that bring a sense of life when we need it most in the darkest time. When we design with #naturing, bulbs are very important. They're the earliest flowers of the year - and they help us because they require less weeding. The fresh, large bulbs this year are being shipped directly from Holland, so we minimise waste. These are the ones we use ourselves when we design with #naturing..

We've managed to plant bulbs well into February and our bulbs are still TOP fresh, but sometimes a pack can go bad anyway - so we'll exchange it for free and you can still plant the one that's a little off. We trust you. We usually say that you can plant bulbs until the frost sets in, but if you have sand and can cover them, you can actually plant during the frost as well. Don't leave your bulbs above ground in the frost, but they can use the cold and the frost to get ready if they've been put down in the ground.

You can put them down one by one in three times the depth of the bulb. Or you can dig a hole and throw in some gravel. Then there might be a little spillage. We've also experimented with mixing sand with bulbs on top of the soil. And have heaps of bulbs that have come on third year. Remember - it has to suit you, to benefit you

We have recently learned from the Dutch that 19 degrees is actually optimal if we do NOT want them to start developing. So they are perfect as Christmas gifts and there will always come an opportunity for planting some in January. Most of the bulbs need between 8-12 weeks in the cold to develop - but some can pop up even with just a little sand in a vase. 

It is commonly agreed that old flower bulbs can regain some freshness if they are put in water - unless they smell rotten. Then they become juicy and firm again. Some say for 30 minutes - others for 12 hours, which indicates that it's all about keeping an eye on them. As soon as they seem crisp and fresh again, they should be taken out. Please share your experiences with us, if you also end up with some bulbs that are going to sit at home for longer than planned. If you want them to grow indoors - then only the bottom of the bulb needs to have contact with water. And here you need to remember they need a cold and dark period of 8-16 weeks. You can easily Google the cold period for the kind you want to try.

That can be done with us at of course :0) We've handpicked the different flowers so you can design and play with creating whatever atmosphere YOU need at home. These are the ones we use when we design with #naturing. But if there's a kind we don't have that you simply MUST have, well then don't compromise. You can always write to us with suggestions and we might bring them home next year. If you love our bulbs, we can tell you that they come from a fantastic flower bulb manufacturer in the Netherlands, who really cares about the freshness and quality of his bulbs and varieties. And he chooses the biggest ones - so they come up extra nice.

A fantastic Fluid Festival is now over.
THANK YOU, for a fantastic weekend. 

You still have time to adopt the plants from Fluid Festival for 30%.
The magic square meters can be purchased online.
Pick-up in Humlebæk. 
Discover #naturing at Fluid Festival 17th - 21st August 2022

Known from the press

There are so many things we can do better all the time. When there are over 140 studies with over 290M people, that unequivocally show that nature has a positive effect on us. We work as hard as we can to get that knowledge out to you, so that it's easy to act on. And fortunately, you are WONDERFULLY good at giving us feedback so we can do better. Keep up the good work. Here are some of the articles we've been featured in.

Adiso dreams of bringing nature much closer - so it's easy!

We have developed a method we call #naturing, which is becoming a technology - a smart app - that can help with both simple design principles - and choosing plants that are just right for you. Our design course will also be released soon. Until then, stay tuned with our blog, where we break things down into four bite-sized chunks - so you can always get started easily. You'll get notified about new blog posts via the newsletter. We're taking a bit of a break on social media, because only 10% of our followers are able to see what we write. If you write to us directly about a problem, we will make sure to reply.

A good friend gives you energy - challenges you.

Co-design and #naturing offer

Here's how to get an easy and unique outdoor space that strengthens you - even if you don't have green fingers.

A good friend is there for you again and again and can give you peace, when you're feeling uneasy. We may be a bit silly, but sometimes plants feel like good friends. And we know from research that having nature close by strengthens us - heals us - calms us or energises us. That's why we're so happy that it's once again time to send our plant friends home to you. Some are ready - others are still a bit too small - but very eager to go soon.  

Kan en plante godt føles som en ven?