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Gardens & Minds Design Course

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1: #naturing navigator
Welcome to the course Garden and Minds. In the first chaprture of the course start with the #naturing essentials - the "naturing navigator. This is is key to all your projects and these methods will help you make sure that your garden is designed for your visions of a garden, your dogmas (how much careing, weeding, trimming etc) and you sensory scores ie. how calm, inspirational, play and/or social your outdoor space should be. Let's get started!

  • My vision
  • Analyzing my space
  • My dogma rules
  • My sensory score

2: Blancscaping
First we start with analyzing and understanding our sensory score - if i score xx, how calm should my garden be? After that the big question will be - What is calm? And this is where blancscaping comes in! Blancscaping is a great way to visualize how a inspirational garden could look like or how to design a calm space.

3: Brainstorming
Brainstorming on your projects is fun and in this part of the course we go in to detail on the brainstorming essentials - Ida will teach you how to make a moodboard, how to structure the moodboard and how to decide on your project(s).

4: Drawing and planning
What to do? Where to start? This part of the course can inspire you to draw your garden with the results you got from your vision board and thereby plan, find and get new ideas.

5: Technical stuff and troubleshooting
One of the greatest things about our principles is that there is no right or wrong, but either way we can some time feel stuck in our projects and that is why we think problems solving is an art in it self! These lectures in this chapter will help you with some basic problem solving. Great information on the storage person, walking line, the importance of framing a view, colours and texture - let’s go problem solving!

6: One m2 at a time
One of the most important ideas from us in Adiso is one m2 at a time. You might look out in your garden and think "Oh! But i can't make all of this is this one season!" - we now! Neither can we. A garden, or any green space, takes time and that's why we focus on one m2 at a time and that is what this part of the course is about.

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  • All you really need is an open heart and mind



  • For dig der mærker stress i dit eller nogle af dine kæres liv - og som ønsker at lære hvordan du designer et grønt rum med ro og mental velvære
  • For dig der ønsker mere energi - og gerne vil lære hvordan du designer et grønt uderum der giver energi og har fokus på mental velvære
  • For dig der står overfor et projekt i haven - måske er du ny haveejer eller måske er du haveentusiast og ønsker at lære, hvordan du designer grønne rum med mental velvære
  • For dig ønsker inspiration - og som gerne vil lære hvordan du designer et grønt uderum der inspirerer og har fokus på din mentale velvære